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fields are in a remote area, valuable sign of valuable cooper wire was found. unlike cooper capers this time the thieves were caught. 49-year-old camalsca and jeremy davidson were arrested at 2:00 in the morning caught in the act say police cutting the wires and filling garbage cans with their take. but the damage is done and repairs will take a month. >> it really affects the public. it affects the public use of the park. >> reporter: if you can't have the players and spectator, this is going to affect thousands of people. the adult softball league that uses this field at night, 100 100 teams in that league. so many of those night games will have to be shortened while the repairs are made. we learned that maria
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shriver has filed for divorce sighting irreconcilable differences. it was a month ago that former governor arnold schwarzenegger admitted fathering a child with their housekeeper. the news chopper 2 was over the scene as police searched a home. several gang members have been arrested for their part in the killing of a man. parked in a car was another man who survived the shooting. there have been three homicides in that neighborhood since september of last year, but today's raids were only related to the killing of gomez. authorities have released the name of a man police shot and killed in sassoon city. auraro appeared at a senior
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center. officers confronted him at a near by postal center. when police told him to drop his gun, he did not and they shot him. college students home burned down and today they are donating to people in need. >> reporter: this is a nonprofit center that helps the homeless and low income families. we're here in the room where all the donated clothes is in display. it's really sparse with what they have. but this afternoon they received a big gift from a group of young men that lost everything they had. >> all seems like a bad dream. >> reporter: chris nistrum comes once a week to visit the kappa sigma home he used to call home. he and his brothers say it's depressing to see the damage.
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>> it's really depressing. >> reporter: the bedrooms were destroyed. their clothes and all the belongings burned away. the house is a total loss and unlivable. the community responded and the donations poured in. >> it made me smile to the point where i almost cried because i just, you just forget how many good people are out there. >> reporter: now the fraternity is giving back. they don't need all the donations they received so today they donated their cars with clothing donations and toiletries. >> just giving them a bag of food brought tears to their eyes, and i want to see that again just to know that we're helping out. >> reporter: sacred heart serving 300 to 350 homeless families a day and their biggest need is mens clothing and shoes. >> they experience tragedy and their response is to give back to the community, i think
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that's a really amazing thing to see. >> reporter: the director here at sacred heart says the clothing items will definitely go to good use and they're expected to go quickly. as you heard, they have hundreds of people coming in here a day, and in fact, in the last year they've seen a 10% increase in the number of people who come here to get clothing. so this will definitely help, reporting live from san jose, janine de la vega. in some parts of the bay area there's a rush to buy fireworks, both legal and illegal ones. officers are having such a hard time keeping celebrations within the lines of the law, robert. >> reporter: we are in gilroy the only bay city that is allowed to buy and sell fireworks. >> just some information where in gilroy you can light fireworks. >> reporter: gilroy is allowing 16 community groups to sell
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safe and sane fireworks, and buyers take on the responsibility to make sure buyers follow the law. one reason vendors can only sell to gilroy residents. >> we have to make sure that when we're selling them, that it's 18 and older, that they understand where they can ignite safe and sane fireworks. and these are safe and sane. >> reporter: officers say it's hard to crack down on illegal fireworks, such as m80, 60 times more explosive than fire crackers. they say sellers hide their tracks or use second sellers. >> i see all the links to buy m80s, how do i get those. >> reporter: people usually want contact information before discussing sales. >> the reality is if somebody is motivated to get their hands on illegal fire work, they're
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going to get that. we understand, there's no way we're going to stop them. >> reporter: one viewer tells us his kid found a way to got them. >> they did last year, but this is not going to happen this year. >> reporter: at this time law enforcement agencies depends on tips. the fine for using fireworks could be up to $2,000. live in gilroy, robert handa. in the east bay, oakland police are asking residents to report illegal fireworks in that area. and if you can do it through an anonymous tip line. 510-777-8114. violators could be fined up to $1,000. fireworks can also be dropped off at some fire stations where bails will be set up. high prices at the pump may be keeping people closer to home this holiday weekend. 2.5% fewer americans will travel 50 or more miles from
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home over the holiday. in california, travel is down 2.3%. aaa says fewer people are hitting the roads because even though gas prices have dropped recently they are still up $1 a gallon compared to last year. even when it comes to air travel more people are flying as we found out at san francisco international airport. >> we usually get together with family at coco beach or some where close. >>4th of july is a holiday every young person wants to enjoy. i could either go with my friend or my family. i decided to go with my family to michigan. we want to show you a live picture, i just checked the traffic page on traffic is moving under 20
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miles per hour. the right hand lane traffic going about 30 miles per hour. this is how things look like on 101 in san francisco. the lanes on the left are headed toward the bay bridge. it is under 15 miles per hour. as you can see there this is faster on the right hand lane that is headed to 280. >> some travelers are taking to the rails this holiday weekend. >> passengers lined up to get on the train, amtrak says it's seen a boost in ridership over the last two years. you can go to our website to find more information on airline flights, the best gas prices and other information to help you out with your travel plans. just go to our home page and scroll down to the, right now section. lawmakers passed a budget very early this morning, it now goes for a full vote. the spending plan includes most of the provisions major ed lee
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wanted. it will pay for a police academy class and keep the sheriff's department providing security at the city's hospitals. the budget also distributes unanticipated public health. 2.3million will be restored to the department of children, youth and families. people of san francisco are asking -- the asian community is also concerned that the new border would reduce the potential of an asian politician winning. zinga is the maker of
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online social networking games. the company says it hopes to raise a billion dollars. zynga had nearly $80 million. stocks have surged to the best in two years. since monday the dow has climbed 698 points and nearly 5.5%. it tacked on 168 points today it's fourth triple digit game this week. the nasdaq closed 42 points higher. so what's behind the week's big gain? tom vacar put that question to the experts today. >> in a word the stock market is on a tear. on monday morning, for every $1,000, that's a broad measure of the stock market you made $56 this week. since the markets recession low in the fall of 09. you've more than doubled it,
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now have $2,130 and you're just $76 short of the market high since before the recession. commodity prices have stabilized, gasoline prices are declining. japan's tsunami recovery is on the way. if the u.s. does not default on it debts, the economic tea leaves are lining up. >> we may be coming into a period where we're going to see a spurt of growth because it's been held back by largely transitory or temporary factors. >> reporter: though many people won't think this is relative to them.
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the fact is millions of retirement accounts, 401ks and corporate investments depend on the market. tom vacar. the federal trade commission is investigating twitter for possibly anti trust investigation. at least one company that makes apps for twitter, says the ftc had contacted it in a probe of how twitter feels about the probe. neither ftc or twitter would comment. live at fulsome lake where the holiday get away is on the way for some. wait till you hear what a turn around this could make to the summer start. and temperatures are high today, they're going to get higher tomorrow and on sunday. i'll let you know how hot. it's really delicious, mom.
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it's not too well done? nope. but it is a job well done. what are you reading, sweetie? her diary. when you're done, i'd love some feedback. sure. your mom and i read that thing cover-to-cover. loved it. thanks. would you mind if i cut the lawn this weekend? only if you let me talk to your mother on the phone for hours on end. done. [ male announcer ] u-verse brings peace to the family. at&t u-verse lets you record four shows at once from any room and play them back on any tv. get u-verse tv for only $29 a month for 6 months. in the network, everyone can get along.
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from lake tahoe to fulsome lake the summer season is
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finally on its way after this weekend. mike mibach is live and tells us why summer can't get started fast enough for some folks. >> reporter: for those who haven't made it out of town, the holiday weekend under way for a lot of people so far. you know what given our unusual weather of late, some business they told me they're banking on a holiday heat wave to turn around one of the worse starts to the summer season in decades. looking at these pictures of an already jam packed south lake tahoe. >> it's going to be crazy because there's a lot of cars coming up. >> reporter: it's proving hard to believe that a few days ago our weather was this. >> yesterday was winter but looks like it's going to be full on summer. >> reporter: the late start of summer had some business like anderson's bike rental struggling big time. >> we had the worse start in 33
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years. it snowed until the first week in june, memorial day was a flop. all through april and may. really cold, wet stuff. >> reporter: now with big crowds already escaping a big turn around in temperatures in the valley, lake tahoe businesses are banking on just a big a turn around in their business this holiday weekend. >> absolutely this will be the biggest weekend we have had yesterday. >> it'll be nuts. with the high lake level and not a lot of beaches, it's going to be crazy. >> reporter: we're not just talking the typical warm weather. there's the ski resorts opening for skiing or tubing this weekend because there is still enough snow up there in the mountains. but if you are heading that way. just know we were on highway 50 and interstate 80 this afternoon and both of them already a parking lot because it's bumper to bumper traffic. so it's going to be a long ride up to tahoe if you're trying to
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get there for the holiday weekend. public health officials are warning that the west nile virus is back in the area. three infected mosquitoes were found down in santa clara county. there are no human cases of west nile reported so far. but you should apply mosquito repellant during dusk and dawn. talks will start next week to determine the future of an oak tree. the tree is right in the path of a pipeline that the san francisco public utility commission, utilities commission wants to install during seismic upgrades. the utility is leaning toward a plan to tunnel the pipeline underneath the tree roots.
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what is now the biggest wildfire in new mexico's history is only 2% contained. more than 103,000 acres has burned. the fire near los alamos is still burning. the answer here comes with a warning. >> make donations through the red cross, 800-red-cross. someone is calling you, asking you for donations claiming to be from the red cross, hang up. there are scams out there. >> reporter: the fire has been burning now for six days and crews still have no idea how it started. well let's talk about our weather now because it was just spectacular today. right as we head into this holiday weekend, bill looks great. >> just three days ago we had rain around here. and here we go with temperatures that are going to be near 90.
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right now what i want to point out, this really is the story, this is how the things go. look how far away from it it is. the winds are coming from the north and it's not a straight offshore direction. but looks what it does to the fog. that's our bay area's air- conditioning. when that fog goes away, our temperatures begin to resemble those of the interior valleys what i'm going to mean by that is places like redwood city and san francisco. san francisco downtown 72, 76 in oakland. look at concord we're in the 90s. i think we will see mid-90s easily today. tomorrow warmer, warmer still on your sunday. tonight, i think the fog is not in the forecast. so if you're going out to the ocean beaches tomorrow or even -- i mentioned this last night. the beaches are huge. they are dangerous. especially san francisco and rocaway beach. the swell is very small. but on these big holiday
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weekends please be careful because ocean beach, rocaway beach are nasty for rip currents currents there time of year. especially at ocean beach and rocaway beach. overnight lows tonight will be in the 50s. fog not a player. i talked to my buddy mark tamayo he was in today. he said you know what i think there's going to be some patches of fog. i don't think it's going to be a strong change. i know a lot of you you're not going to want to be a part of that. so we'll help you check the burn off at the beaches. and there you see it burning off tomorrow afternoon. so all the beaches, all of them are clear. these are the ones i want you to watch out for right around here. this west facing beach. not big swell but we have pretty good tide movement. you will get a down shore
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current and rip currents that are pretty nasty. i'll be back in a little bit, specific temperatures for your neighborhood. the five day forecast that includes all three days of the holiday weekend. a 10-year-old pennsylvania girl is recovering tonight after a shark attacked her while she was waiting in the ocean off north carolina during a family vacation. cartwright was hospitalized after the attack. she was playing on a body board. her mother saw blood and quickly pulled her from the water. >> it hurt. and i thought it was just like somebody messing around. and i found out that it wasn't. because it pulls me down again. >> reporter: doctors actually pulled one of the shark's teeth from the gaping wound in kasadies leg. what nike did today with michael vick and why some people may not be so happy.
5:22 pm
and major developments today in the rape case on the head of the imf and how this led to this situation outside of his apartment. and what traffic school won't do for you any longer when it comes to your driving record. a notorious neighborhood right in the heart of a local city. >> it's just a two block area that doesn't ever seem to get controlled. >> we're asking police of the controversial plan to clean it up will move forward. also a heros welcome for a bay area soldier returning from work. each tells us why their return home could not have come at a better time. and what items at the grocery store are still --
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tempers flaired today in new york city right outside the
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apartment of dominique kahn. security thought a photographer was trying to take a picture of kahn as he was trying to return to the building after court. and that came after the sexual assault case took a stunning turn today. he was released from house arrest and the case against him could be crumbling. >> we ask you and we ask the world not to rush to judgment in this case. and now i think you can understand why. >> a judge in manhattan today released the former head of the monetary fund on his own recognizant. this comes after the credibility of the woman is being questioned. the da gave the judge evidence that the 32-year-old immigrant lied on tax forms and on her asylum application. she told police she was once gang raped and then recanted
5:26 pm
that story. but attorneys said the woman gave the information to him herself. he will be refunded the $6 million he posted in bail. but at this point the district attorney has not dismissed the charges against straus-kahn. under this new law which passed just yet, violations will be recorded as convictions not dismissed citations. drivers who receive citations can still go to traffic school to prevent their insurance companies from being informed of the citation. and nike has signed michael vick. he served two years in prison
5:27 pm
on animal cruelty charges. the company says vick as acknowledged his past mistakes and is making positive changes. no word on how much the nfl star will make on this deal. when you're coming to the beach, the biggest risk may not be in the water but something you will find right here just under the sand. an early morning strike of verdict. coming up we'll show you the confusion and we'll tell you why the threat is still out there.
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it's probably on your summer to do list. if you haven't done it already. but going to the beach may be a lot more dangerous than you think. the latest house concerns stem
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from what's beneath your feet. just in time for 4th of july, new warnings are going out that could keep you and your family safe. john fowler live in san francisco where people are out enjoying that warm weather, john. >> reporter: they are indeed. ocean beach is so crowded the life guards are out here. as bill said there has a risk of under toe, but a bigger concern is infection from beach sand. studies show up to 20% of people who have close contact with beach sand get bacterial or viral infections. children most susceptible. >> if you dig deep enough you'll be able to find a sand crab which my friend is getting right now. >> bacteria is everywhere, i wouldn't think it's not at the beach. >> reporter: the sun's uv rays keep bacteria levels down. but digging down a bit reveals
5:31 pm
colonies of disease causing bacteria including salmonella and staff, fungi, parasites and viruses including hepatitis even polio virus inches below your feet. >> i'm bare feet, so that's pretty scary. >> i'm not that worried about it, no. >> reporter: beaches within a mile of sewage or storm drain discharges up to three times more contaminated. >> everything runs downhill, this is where all the storm run off from the streets is coming. >> reporter: researchers say good advise is to wash our sanitize hands before handeling food at the beach. some good news for drivers heading out for the july 4th get away. the price hike has gone in
5:32 pm
reverse this year. aaa says the price of a gallon of gas has dropped three cents in the last month. the price drop drop comes from lower prices and the president's release of the reservoir. former cia director leon panetta started his new job today as defense secretary. at age 71 the former california congressman is the oldest in coming defense secretary. panetta took the oath of office in a private ceremony. he also recorded a message for the armed forces. >> i will work to make sure our nation has the best trained,
5:33 pm
best equipped and stronger military in the world. >> reporter: the new pentagon chief told the troops he is fully focused on the war in afghanistan and on defeating al- qaida. panetta replaces robert gates who retired yesterday. as congress struggles to reduce the nation's massive degrees massive deficit, the white house is eyeing the defense department. president obama has proposed cutting $500 million from the pentagon. new weapons systems could be in jeopardy. >> these include a new nuclear submarine for the navy, they include a new bomber for the air force. i think there's aircraft carriers out there that gates himself have said we probably don't need. >> in an opinion piece, donald rumsfeld said president obama's proposed defense cuts would be
5:34 pm
a quote grievous mistakes. under the new rules, employees can listen to music and read while on duty if traffic permits. they can also request to take a leave if they're too tired to work. the new rules are part of an agreement between the federal aviation administration and the air traffic controllers union after several controllers were caught napping on the job. a lot of commuters made other plans after they heard workers were going to stay off the job. as ktvu's claudine wong told us, even though the workers showed up, the strike threat is not over. >> we don't know what's going to happen. okay. >> okay, thank you. >> so if you get on the bus you might not be able to get back here. >> we'll find a way. >> that ferry passenger left the terminal by bus. he had no way of knowing that the strike that had just been announced hours earlier was cancelled. union workers were just as confused. >> you don't see any signs up so i guess we're supposed to
5:35 pm
work. >> you didn't know anything about a strike. >> i haven't heard anything about a strike. >> reporter: despite gates being open and ticket machined unlocked it wasn't until just before 5:30 a.m. that the district made it official. >> they are not going to strike today. and we will be running service. >> both sides blame the other for the confusion but once the word got out, passengers started showing up. >> you look like you're trying to be patient with the whole process. >> yes i am. >> reporter: but all were very happy to throw plan b out the window. >> i was in the car on the way to the city. >> i started driving into the city to go to work, then i turned around and came back. >> all of this over ticket agents that for one more week will man these booths. after that those jobs will be eliminated. it's a battle that's been ongoing for almost two years. >> i negotiated probably 10 contracts with this company, i've never seen anything like
5:36 pm
this. >> reporter: these ticket booths are going to close permanently next friday. and the union says they want an agreement before then. if they don't get one, a strike is a real possibility and they are warning commuters to stay on their toes. claudine wong. he played a key role in stopping a -- plus the one simple thing that helped some athletes at stanford run faster and make more shots on the basketball court. i want to crush more cars.
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san francisco's district attorney is pushing for a new assault weapon's ban to commemorate the deadliest crime in the city's history. an engaged gunman opened fire at 101 california street killing eight people and wounding six others before wounding himself. the weapons ban would be similar to the one passed in 1984. the judge from the bay area who stopped california's executions is moving on now to a new job. 61-year-old jeremy fogul is slated to become the head of the judicial center. that's the federal arm of the court system. fogul put a stop to the death penalty in 2006 over concerns about the lethal injection process. president clinton appointed him to the u.s. district court in
5:40 pm
san jose in 1988. thousands of inmates of pelican state prison are on a hunger strike. the inmates say they are protesting on what they call inhumane conditions in what they call the shoe. there is no noise and virtually no human contact. prison officials deny the conditions are inhumane. a little extra sleep may give college athletes an edge. sleep scientists asked 13 cardinal basketball players to sleep 10 hours a night and give up coffee and alcohol for up to seven weeks. they found those players ran faster sprints, increased their throws by 3%. the study is published in the july issue of sleep.
5:41 pm
researchers found that flame retardant chemicals used in everything from carpeting and clothing can be transferred through your skin. they found that people who wash their hands four or more times a day reduce their risk of contamination. graphic new labels won't be on cigarette covers until next year. but they've already sparked -- the government unveiled these labels to the media last week and on the day they were unveiled, 4,800 people called 1- 800-quitnow. prince william and kate are on this continent. and a hot weekend coming up, i'll tell you just how hot it's going to get in your city, i'll see you back here. new at 6:00, a notorius
5:42 pm
neighborhood right in the heart. >> it's a two block area that doesn't seem to ever get control. we're asking the city if a controversial plan to clean it up will move forward. how you're next stop at the grocery store could help state parks on the closure list. a hero's welcome for a soldier returning from war. he tell us why his return could not have come at a better time. tonight on ktvu channel 2 news at six o clock. -- at 6:00.
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5:44 pm
the latest royal wedding is under way and monaco where monaco's prince held the first of two wedding ceremonies. today's civil wedding ceremony was he'll in the royal palace. tomorrow the couple will make their religious vows during a catholic ceremony witnessed by 3,500 guests. albert's father married actress grace kelly who died in a car crash in 1982. now to the other royal newlyweds, prince william and
5:45 pm
his new bride kate are making a stint of their own. they're in canada to mark that country's birth day. many who turned out for today's festivities say the real draw is the royal couple. >> reporter: a spectacular sight as two f18s did a fly by. below a crowd of thousands gathered to welcome the newlyweds to canada, with cheers and homemade signs. this one pushing formalities aside and saying simply welcome kate and williams. but traditional was alive and well. as the dutchess stopped to pick up flowers and listen to one of her well wishers. >> happy birthday canada. earlier in the day, the couple attended a canadian
5:46 pm
citizenship ceremony and helped welcome the country's newest 25 citizens. then participated in a reception for the new citizens and their families. wherever they went, he did the talking but all eyes were on her. now this trip is also a test of sorts for william and kate. the world will see how they interact with each other, and huge crowds while their in the spotlight day after day. next week the newlyweds will arrive here in california. governor jerry brown and first lady anne gus brown plan to greet them when they arrive in los angeles on sunday. back in 1977 during his first term as governor, governor brown hosted prince charles,
5:47 pm
picking him up in his 1974 plymouth sedan. ucsf received perfect scores for it's care for its fifth straight year. it is the only hospital in the country to do so. the california pacific center sf general and the state's kaiser hospital also received high marks. it's a notorious neighborhood in san francisco known for it's violence but tonight there's a fight to change that. our julie haener is in the newsroom with more, julie. >> reporter: six street is getting special attention. an agreement to open a police station is just days away. is it enough to keep business from leaving the crime plagued
5:48 pm
area. also at 6:00, an emotional homecoming. this year's 4th of july has special meaning for one bay area family as they welcome home a loved one from harms way. an effort to stop a target store missing the mark. what failed and what happens next. it's all coming up in less than 15 minutes. this time next friday the crew of the space shuttle is scheduled to be in the final hours of the shuttle mission. it's made up of four space veterans. ferguson says it will mean a heavier workload. and space shuttle endeavor is about to take on its last -- shuttle atlantis is about to take on its last mission. you can see all 134 lift offs
5:49 pm
and we've made it pretty easy and quick. go to, look for the more video session, there you will see all of those lift offs in just 134 seconds. it's a snorkeling surprise that caught a lot of people off guard. they came face to face with a whale shark. a few people in florida came face to face with the whale shark. they pose no threat to human. but take a look at that fish, you can understand it's quite a sight. >> a man said this was his first whale share in 30 years, he's out there every single day. it's really weird to see them there. >> the whale shark swam with the snorkelers for like 30 minutes and even let them touch it. >> that would scare the lights out of me. even if it was just playing.
5:50 pm
and we go to bill for this holiday weekend forecast. >> we had some rain so the fuel danger is pretty high. so that's very good news for firefighters. i've got some temperatures here, you see the temperatures out in the santa clara county, 86. downtown san jose on first street it probably feels like 95 and warmer when you get between those buildings there. there's no fog at the coast, really that's an indication that it's going to be warm. out in san francisco out in ocean beach, out in pacifica and linda mar it is warm. there's very little wind to speak of. the winds are north, and they scour the fog away from the coast that allows temperatures today to come up. obviously higher than they have been. they're going to be warmer again tomorrow. sunday will be the warmest day of the week.
5:51 pm
high pressure up here, northwood, high pressure building up from the southwest. which happens this time of year often. sometimes you will see readings with moisture. 100-degree temperatures possible as we head into sunday. and lots of 80s around the bay and at the coast 70. so i know a lot of you will be out at the beaches so be careful out there. as i mentioned the rip tides. they are the biggest danger, 7,000 people in the san francisco area running out to ocean beach on a hot day, you just want to watch out for the tides. you see lots of 90s for your daytime highs tomorrow. so it'll be a very nice day. 90 sonoma, 90 in napa. there's no spare the air day at this point. but with the aversion and these temperatures being very warm, you're going to notice it a little bit.
5:52 pm
folks are off, but still a lot of particulates being stuck in the air. we might see a spare the air day this week. and a perfect weekend, fire danger always a concern but the rain certainly helps out. a really picture bay area holiday weekend. be careful out there. >> that is a holiday forecast. thanks bill. police in new jersey have ended a second day searching without capturing a baboon that escaped. authorities say they will begin the search once again for the escaped baboon come morning. it starts today, what you need in your home from now on so that you're not breaking the law. hundreds of volunteers spanned all out over the san
5:53 pm
francisco county, why this homeless camp will have to be regular now.
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
if you own a house in california and you don't have a carbon monoxide inspector as of today you're actually breaking the law. violators could face fines of $200. owners of rental houses and apartment buildings have until july 15 to meet standards. >> i need to find some kind of
5:56 pm
housing somehow. -- >> the housing is a serious problem. they're living under bridges, they're catching on fire because they're trying to cook. >> reporter: hundreds of people lined up outside of city hall. this week the volunteers hit the roads, alleys and parks of santa clara county to service the homeless on their needs. mayor chuck reed was at the event. he said he was going to help the state for the chronically homeless. >> we're already spending more money on the homeless than it would cost to get them in housing and provide services. major reed said the city will work with the state to get tax credits for affordable housing -- the mayor reed. and there is much more news ahead. ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 starts in 90 seconds. a bay area marine back home from the front lines of afghanistan. his store on this independence
5:57 pm
day weekend straight ahead. and new information tonight about the house fire in san francisco that killed two firefighters. the official word on the cause of that deadly fire.
5:58 pm
it's a san francisco neighborhood known for crime but tonight there is a shift to change that.
5:59 pm
what's in the works that is only days away. >> and days before the 4th of july, authorities are cracking down on illegal fireworks. how the internet is helping some skirt the law. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm san frank somerville. tonight there is a push to change troubled sixth street in san francisco. we have more on what's being done to keep the streets there safer and businesses from leaving. patti lee has the story. >> reporter: this business was for sale a week ago, but on wednesday they learned that police were willing to agree on a three year lease on a substation just three doors down. >> i didn't hit

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TOPIC FREQUENCY San Francisco 15, California 7, The City 3, Canada 3, Ktvu 3, At&t 3, Panetta 2, Pentagon 2, News 2, Nike 2, Julie Haener 2, Kfc 2, Gilroy 2, Us 2, Oakland 2, Rocaway Beach 2, Monaco 2, U.s. 2, Afghanistan 2, San Jose 2
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